Serum Stakers

The first staking service for Project Serum

Get more Serum just for Staking with us

What's Serum Stakers?

Serum Stakers is a delegated staking service where you stake with us and we take care of all the node maintenance & duty fulfillment. Professionally managed nodes targeting maximum stake output (15% APY target)

In return you enjoy maximum yield generation AND bonus rewards on top!

How much do I get for staking in a program node?

In addition to the 15% target staking rewards, the first 18 stakers get lifetime share of 20% of Node owner rewards (ratio proportionate per staker & we kindly ask for a 1 year stay)

Open to everyone is 10% Of Node Owner rewards split (proportional to your holdings) forever, automated and direct into your Wallet. Come and Go as you please, but you should stay!

What's coming for Serum Stakers and the Project Serum ecosystem?

Here is what we have in mind

Real time rewards & nodes tracking for Serum Stakers

You will be able to track your rewards in real time and see if we fulfill our duty

Sharing the love

We will contribute to the Project Serum ecosystem by open-sourcing & hosting useful tools

Cool! How do I join?

The final details will be communicated soon, in the meantime you can join us on our Telegram.

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